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Nassimi Realty Welcomes the Arrival of “Ideal Market Place” at Botany Plaza in Clifton, NJ

It is with great pleasure that Nassimi Realty announces the opening of Ideal Market Place at the Botany Plaza shopping center in Clifton, NJ. Ideal Market Place is a brand of the supermarket chain America’s Food Basket (AFB) which specializes in international foods. According to the AFB website, the company operates within all five boroughs of New York, and expands into New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.
AFB currently has 43 locations in successful operation, including the newly opened Ideal Market Place in Clifton, NJ which is occupying the 24,500 SF space that used to be a Pathmark. The supermarket will offer an expanded selection of high-quality fresh foods, natural & organic with the purpose of “providing a central point of support, value and a rewarding experience to their customers and partners.”
By quickly replacing the old supermarket, Ideal Market Place will bring another grocery shopping option back to the neighborhood, will reassure the existing customers and support the adjacent co-tenancy as one of the key anchors of the center. Nassimi Realty’s president, Mike Nassimi, stated: “We have been able to promptly and adequately make this replacement thanks to the strong location of Botany Plaza and we are confident that Ideal Market Place will be a successful store for its operator and the entire center. The remaining balance of what used to be Pathmark space was leased to a national gym operator which is currently under construction.”

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